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Economics IT


Your Accounts

University IT Policy
The Rules of use of the University Network gives full details on what you are permitted to do on the University's Computer networks.

You will have several accounts, each requiring a password. For convenience you may wish to simplify life by setting all accounts to the same password. Visit the Passwords page to do this easily.

You can access your email through a web browser at

Any data that you save in your MCS network space is regularly backed up. You should keep copies of vital work on a memory stick.

Your default allocation of space on the MCS network is 500Mb. More is available by request from the Computing Service. The same page can also be used to apply for an increase to your Hermes quota.

Printing Account
In order to print to the MCS printers you will need to put some money into your Print Credit Account. You can Topup online.

You can manage your passwords by going to Passwords. Here you can login with your raven and then change all your Cambridge accounts to be the same password.

University Wireless
To access the internet across the University you can connect via UniofCam of Eduroam. UniofCam requires your Raven details to be entered each time you connect to it whereas Eduroam requires a one time setup and then it will auto connect whenever your device is in range of Eduroam, therefore Eduroam is the preferred service to use. Find how to setup Eduroam here, or visit/contact us at the IT Office.