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Economics IT


The Economics VPN Is only available to staff and students of the Faculty of Economics.
If you have never used the Economics VPN before, or if you have problems conncting, you should check that you have access to it by emailing the IT Team on


To setup the VPN you will first need to create a token on the Tokens service

It's advised to set up a separate token for each device you connect.  The same token can be used both for eduroam and for the VPN. 

You will not be able to see the password after you have created the token, so you are advised to keep a copy of the password  by either taking a photo or saving the page.

VPN Setup

There are links below to the UIS generic instruction pages for a variety of devices and operating systems.  For each of these you will need to know the name of the Faculty server, which is

Use this in place of in the generic instructions.




If you have any problems connecting to the Economics VPN, please contact the IT Team on