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Obtaining a Matlab License

Go to  and click on "Sign in to get started".

Login or register an account using your email address. Once you get back confirmation of the account login to the site.

Click Download Installer button.

Choose the installer for your OS.


Installing Matlab

Run the installer that was downloaded for your OS. You will be asked for your user account details to verify the licence. These were the @cam details you used to register on the Matlab website.

When asked to select a license, pick MATLAB (Individual), as shown below


The installer will ask you which toolboxes you wish to install. Most of these aren't relevant to Economics and will take up your hard disk space and take time to download. It is advised you to install only the basics and add others later if you need them



To install additional toolboxes to Matlab, go to the 'Apps' tab on the Matlab page then click on 'Get Apps'. This will take you into an app store type page.
If the University site license covers a toolbox it will say 'Login to install'

The University has licenses for all of the official Mathworks toolboxes.

Licence Renewal

On a yearly basis you will need to renew your Matlab license. To do so, open Matlab and to to Help > Licensing > Renew License.