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Economics IT


Logging in

You should login to the computer with your CRSID (the first part of your email, usually similar to abc12 or ab123) and your Raven/UIS/Microsoft password.

If you have a laptop you will need to login for the first time while it is plugged into your desk in the Faculty.  You are also advised to disconnect it from the dock and check that you can still login before you take the laptop away from the Faculty for the first time.  If you have problems at this point, please come to the IT Office.


First steps

You should login to OneDrive for your file storage.  This should be on the Start menu.  Login with your full email address ( and your Raven/UIS/Microsoft password.  You are likely to be asked for Multifactor Authentication (a code to your phone)

Microsoft 365 licence
Your computer has Microsoft 365 installed (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.) but this needs to be licenced by your University account.  Open Word (or Excel or Outlook) and you will be direct again to sign in with your University email address and Raven/UIS/Microsoft password.  You may again be asked for Multifactor Authentication.

Default Printer
There is a photocopier/printer in each PhD Room and these are installed on all machines.  If you go to Settings > Bluetooth & Devices > Printers & scanners you will see them listed.  PhD DAE Library, PhD Stats Room and PhD Graduate Room.  To set one to be your default, click on the printer and on the next page, click on the "Set as default" button at the top of the window.



You do not by default have Administrator rights on the computer, so most software you cannot install yourself.  It is permissible to have other software installed as long as it's related to your academic work and it is legal to install it on your computer.  Download the files to install the software and then ask IT for help by emailing or coming to the office.  We will come to your PC and authorise the installation.


Matlab is not installed by default because there is a new version approximately every 6 months, so we wait until you need it to install it.  Also there is a choice of over 100 toolboxes, and the installation will be licenced by your own account, so that you can add extra toolboxes.  Please follow the instructions at to get the installer and ask IT to help you install it.

We hope to be able to announce a site licence for Overleaf in the next few weeks, watch this space. 

Stata, Mathematica
We have a site licence for both of these programs, please see and for more details, and then ask IT to authorise the installation.



We recommend that you use OneDrive to store your files, so that they are automatically backed up and available on any other devices that you may own.  We suggest that sync be turned on for the Documents folder, but not for downloads or the desktop.  If you don't sync your documents folder please be aware that anything you save to Documents only exists on the hard drive of your PhD computer and is not backed up.  Please ask if you need advice.


Remote Access

If you have a desktop computer, it is possible to set this us so that you can access it remotely from your laptop or other device to use it when you are not in the Faculty.  This is particularly useful if you leave long jobs processing and want to collect the results when you are not at your desk.  Please email and ask for this to be turned on for your computer.  You will need to be on either university network or the Economics VPN to be able to connect.



If you wish to connect Outlook to your University email address, please see instructions at



If you have any questions about your computer, or need any help, either email or come to the IT Office in Room 53 on the Third Floor and ask for help.