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If you are leaving the Faculty soon and your accounts are going to be closed, here are some things to think about.



Typically the University will close your email account around a month after you stop being part of the University.  For staff this will be after your last day of work, for PhDs it will be shortly after you've completed your degree and for students on taught courses it's normally shortly after your graduation.  You should always get an email warning of this and giving you around 28 days notice.

Forward your email

For this reason you should keep reading your email until it's cancelled, or you could forward it to an email address you will read. -

Set an autoreply

You can also set an auto-reply to tell people your new email address -

Both of these options will continue to work for 90 days after your account is closed

Set a leaving email address

You should also set a 'leaving email address' on the Lookup website. After your accounts have closed emails to your address will receive a message that your account does not exist, but to try the address you have set.  This message will continue indefinitely, and you can use your Raven account to edit this address even after you have left Cambridge. 

Set this up by visiting your Lookup profile, selecting 'Edit', and entering a 'Leaving email address' in the field near the bottom of the page then select ‘save’.

Backup your email, calendar, contacts.

If you would like to backup your email, the easiest way is to use Microsoft Outlook -

You can also make copies of your contacts and your calendar this way, just remember to include those when you choose what to backup.

(If you don't like Outlook, you can do something similar with Thunderbird.)

Be aware that your mail quota on Exchange is 100GB, so your exported mail could be very large.


Make copies of your Data

Consider any files/data/code that you may have in any University system and make copies of anything you want to keep.  For example

  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Sites
  • Microsoft Teams Groups
  • Google Drives - personal and shared group
  • Google and Exchange calendars
  • University Dropbox
  • Managed Cluster Service
  • Your College network
  • Faculty desktops
  • Faculty virtual machines
  • University High Performance Computing services
  • Cloud based virtual machines (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Services)
  • etc.


Software and Licences

When your UIS accounts are closed your Microsoft 365 licence (Word, Excel, etc.) will also be taken away.  The programs will continue to work for a few months but with warning messages.  If you move to a new institution with a similar licence, you will just need to sign in with your new account.

Stata will continue to run until the end of the licence period, which is normally around the beginning of September.

If you have a University Dropbox account, this wll revert to a free account once your Cambridge accounts are closed, so you will only have a basic quota.



Your Raven account will continue 'for life' to allow you to update your leaving email address on Lookup, so make sure you keep a note of your password.  For students you'l also need this to access the careers service, CamSIS and the Alumni email service.


Retaining access to services

If you are continuing to work on projects with members of the Faculty after you leave, or are working from a grant such as from the Keynes Fund, and wish to keep access to resources, then it may be possible.  Contact the IT Team on to discuss what is available.



If you have questions about anything on this page or anything not covered, please contact the IT Team on