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EViews can now be installed and run on your own computer or laptop within the University network, but if you are outside the University network, you will need to connect to the Cambridge VPN to be able to contact the licence server.

Installation instructions for the VPN are at:


Installation details

EViews is only available for Windows, download the installer from

During installation you will be asked for the licence number, it is

10K00030 - 7146F6E0 - 0AE9BE61

You will also be asked for the licence server settings:

Server port:25750
License group: EViews10

Please note: there is no secondary licence server.  When asked about this, click no.

Running EViews

1.Connect to the Cambridge VPN

2. run EViews
It should get a licence from William and then open.  It's likely that the first time you run the software it will tell you there is a patch to download to update the program.  It's always wise to run the latest version of a program so you should agree to this.


If you have any problems, please contact the IT Team on