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If you wish to upload the recording of teaching done in Teams or Zoom to Panopto so that students can watch it without being able to download the recording, follow these steps:

Download your recording

For a session recorded in a Teams channel

1) Go the channel and click on the recording, this should open the video to play it.

2) At the top of the screen, there should be a link to download the video.  Save this on your computer.

3) Keep this web browser open, you'll need to return to this page to delete the recording when you've uploaded it to the Panopto website to stop students downloading it.

For a Zoom cloud recording

1) Go to the Zoom website following the link to the recording and enter the passcode

2) Click on the Download link in the top right hand corner of the screen.

3) You may be offered two or three files to download, the one you want is the MP4 file which is the video of the lecture.  The other files are audio only (m4a) and possibly a transcript of any chat or comments (txt), these downloads can be cancelled.

Upload your recording

1) Go to the appropriate course in Moodle.

2) At the top right hand corner there should be a Panopto 'block' with a list of recent recordings.  At the bottom of the block there is a link called 'Course settings'.  If you click on this it will open the Panopto website linked to that Moodle course in a new window or tab with a settings page open.  Click the X in the top right hand corner to close the settings.  Your are now in the Panopto website for that course.

3) Click the "Create" button at the top of the screen and select "Upload Media"

4) Drag a video on to the box or click on the box to find the video file and upload it

5) The video will be uploaded and you can close this window.

6) The file you uploaded should appear as the top item on the Panopto website, click the "Settings" button for that item.

7) On the screen that comes up, there will be a heading called 'Viewer link', highlight the whole of this link and copy it.  You can then close that window.

Make a link to the video in Moodle

1) Go to the section in Moodle where you want to put a link to the recording

2) Turn on editing by clicking on the cog at the top and selecting "Turn editing on"

3) In the section where you want a link click on "Add an activity or resource"

4) Scroll to the bottom of the list and click on URL and then click the "Add" button

5) Give an appropriate name to the recording, this is what will appear in Moodle for the student to click on

6) Paste the viewer link you copied above into the External URL box

7) In the Appearance section change 'Display' to "New Window"

8) Click "Save and return to course"

Delete the video file

To stop students downloading the file you need to delete the original recording.

1) Go back to the webpage where you downloaded the recording from, or go back to Teams and click on the recording again to watch it.

2) Click the "Delete" button to delete the recording.


If you have any problems with these instruction, please contact the IT Team on