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Remote Desktop Connection (Windows 10)

Undergraduate Students are able to access the William server through Remote Desktop.

PHD Students should follow the 'For Staff' instructions for remote desktop here:



You will need to connect to the University VPN. For instructions on how to do this, please go here: 
and pick the correct link on the left for your operating system.


To run Remote Desktop on Windows 10, click Start, All Apps, Windows, Remote Desktop Connection.


Once you run Remote Desktop Connection a window will open which will require you to enter:

  • For Students -

Click the Options dropdown arrow, which expands the window with more settings. Click on the Local Resources Tab and then click on More.

The Local Devices and Resources screen will then appear. On this screen, make sure the Drives box is ticked then click OK. This allows your drive on the PC you are currently on to be accessible whilst remoting into William.

 Once you are back at the original Remote Desktop Connection screen, click Connect.

Enter your username in the form AD\abc12 (where abc12 is your normal Cambridge user id)

Enter your password for the server.  If you don't know your password you probably don't have an account on the system, please contact to ask for an account.


NOTE: Do not click remember credentials until AFTER you have updated your password from your default, otherwise it will remember you default password and you will not be able to connect!

Click OK, you will now be faced with the server Desktop which should look similar to the picture below. On the desktop are shortcuts to all the Faculty Software.

If you haven't done so already, then please also change your password from the default by using the 'Change Password' icon on the desktop.

Your new password must also meet complexity requirements. You must use at least six characters and within this use at least three of the following:

  • Uppercase Letter
  • Lowercase Letter
  • Number
  • Nonalphanumeric Character: !*^% etc.

Should you have issues setting a password at all, please contact IT.