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Economics IT


The easiest way to hold an Office Hour is on Microsoft Teams:

  • Open Teams
  • Click on the Teams tab at the left
  • Navigate to the 'ECON_teaching' team
  • Click on the 'Office Hour' channel
  • Click the 'Meet' button in the top right hand corner
  • Give your meeting a suitable name, like Dr X's Office Hour
  • Click 'Join Now' and the meeting will start.

Now you can do something else while waiting for students to visit you.

Waiting Room/Lobby

By default anyone entering your Office Hour will immediately join the conversation you are already having.  If you would like to only talk to one student at a time, you can enable a 'Lobby' which works like a waiting room.  To do this

  • On the toolbar at the top click on the Participants icon
  • In the Participants toolbar which opens at the right, click on the three dot and choose 'Manage permissions'
  • This will take you to a webpage with settings for your meeting.  Change 'Who can bypass the lobby?' to 'Only Me'
  • Click Save and close the page.

Now everyone who enters the meeting will join a lobby and will appear on the Participants list accordingly.  To admit them to the meeting, click the tick next to their name.