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Economics IT


Software for Staff & Students

Free Software

The Faculty has a licence for Mathematica and Matlab that allows all staff and students to install a copy on their own computer. For more details on how to obtain Matlab click here. For details on how to obtain Mathematica click here.

Office 365 is also now availiable to all University staff and students, giving you access to the latest version of Microsoft Office for Windows or Mac. Visit the UIS Office 365 page for more information.


The University also has a license for McAfee Anti-Virus, which is availiable to all Staff and students for any Mac/Windows computer. For instructions on how to obtain and install it, please go here.


Faculty Software

Programs that are found in the 'Econ Software' folder on your desktop (Stata, Eviews etc.), can be accessed remotely from a personal computer. For instructions on how to do this visit the Remote Desktop Connection page.

If you have any queries about any software you would like, please contact IT at Ext 48160.