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Economics IT


Remote Desktop Connection (Mac OSX)

Undergraduate Students are able to access the Lucy server through Remote Desktop. The Remote Desktop app is available to download for Mac through the app store.

PHD Students should follow the 'For Staff' instructions for remote desktop here:




If you are setting up the Lucy connection for the first time, please email IT and let us know as we need to change a setting on our end to allow you access!


You will first need to connect to the University VPN. For instructions on how to do this, please go here:

and pick the correct link on the left for your operating system.


To view your Macs drives on Lucy, see the instructions at the end of these Remote instructions to set this up.

To run Remote Desktop on Mac, first you will need to download the app from the Mac App Store. Download the App that is shown in the top left titled 'Microsoft Remote Desktop'.



Once the app has downloaded and installed open Finder and click Applications. In the Applications folder will now be 'Microsoft Remote Desktop'. Open the app.



Click on the New icon in the top left. This will open the connection edit page as seen in the left image. Under the General tab you will then to to change the following attributes;



Connection Name: Lucy
PC Name:
User name: AD\"Your CRSID - e.g. abc12"
Password: ECONa2 Initial passwords for all users are in the following form: ECON (in caps) followed by the first and last digits of your username in lowercase (a2 for user abc12) for example: ECONa2.


Exit the General tab. You will now be back at the My Desktops page.
Lucy should now appear. Double click Lucy, or highlight it and click Start.

Click OK, you will now be faced with the Lucy Desktop which should look similar to the picture below. On the Lucy desktop is a folder called 'Econ Software'. This folder contains shortcuts to all the Faculty Software.


Setting up local folders on Mac

Once the connection to Lucy has been set up, click 'Edit' on the new Lucy connection you just created.

You will now see this:

Click on the 'Redirection' tab and make sure that the 'Enable Folder Redirection' checkbox is unchecked.

Next click on the 'Add Local Folder' icon ( a '+' in the bottom left corner) and name a local folder on your Mac that you wish to see on Lucy and set the path of that folder by browsing for it.

Note: You can add multiple folders this way, just repeat this process if needed

Once you have setup local folders this way before you connect to Lucy, if you click Start > Computer you should see a list of extra drives.
Under 'Other Drives' you should now see any local folders that you have just set up.

Please note the Lucy remote server replaces the Faculty's Austin remote server. Access to Austin is no longer available.

If you haven't done so already, then please also change your password from the default by using the 'Change Password' icon on the desktop.

Your new password must also meet complexity requirements. You must use at least six characters and within this use at least three of the following:

  • Uppercase Letter
  • Lowercase Letter
  • Number
  • Nonalphanumeric Character: !*^% etc.

Should you have issues setting a password at all, please contact IT.