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Economics IT



There are computer rooms in the Basement (B2 and B3) and also in the Marshall Library. All the PC's are MCS machines, so your personal drive can be seen on them all.




Basement Room 2

  • 12 MCS PCs
  • Printer/Scanner/Copier
  • Phone (For IT help or Security issues)










Basement Room 3

  • 3 MCS PCs
  • Scanner
  • Phone (For IT help or Security issues)








There are 2 printers availiable for use. One in B2 which is able to do colour and B/W and another printer in the Marshall Library which is also able to do colour and B/W.

The charges for printing are per sheet of paper. You can pay for printing either at Reception, in the Marshall Library, at the IT Office or online.


There is a scanner for the use of students in Room B3 (Marshall Library Basement) .
For Staff, you may find a scanner on Floor 1 and Floor 2 of the Faculty building.

Remote Desktop Server - Lucy

The Faculty has a Remote Desktop Server which will allow you to connect to the network and run software from any internet connected computer. More details

UniofCam Wireless Internet Access

There are University wireless network, UniofCam, is available in the Marshall Library, Faculty Common Room and Graduate Common Room. To use this network you need a Raven password or a temporary UniofCam ticket (for visitors, available from the IT Office).


Eduroam requires a one time setup and then it will auto connect whenever your device is in range of Eduroam, therefore Eduroam is the preferred service to use. Find how to setup Eduroam here, or visit/contact us at the IT Office.